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Local Chambers of Commerce Promote Shop Small

18 Nov 2022 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Paulding, OH: The Shop Local trend is catching on and sweeping across the globe. This is no exception in  Paulding County. There is a sense of pride in the community when people choose to support their local  businesses. Both Chambers have partnered with The Small Business Team at AmEx and have been  named as 2022 Neighborhood Champions.  

This partnership has allowed both Chambers to gain access to #ShopSmall marketing materials which  they have distributed to local businesses participating in the Shop Local Events. Paulding Chamber will  be hosting Shop the Village on Shop Small Saturday (November 26th) where many of the businesses  around the Village Square have opened their doors in invitation to other local vendors for the day.  Antwerp Chamber’s Shop Small event spans the week leading up to Shop Small Saturday. These events  are both a true example of local businesses supporting each other and encouraging the community to  do the same. To learn more about these events you can follow each organization on Facebook.  

“If you have a favorite business, shop, or restaurant, please make that extra effort to visit them  frequently. It’s important that we all support our local businesses so that they not only survive but  thrive,” says Paulding Chamber Executive Director Erica Noggle.  

The positive effects of shopping local reach far beyond what we can see. The money received by local  businesses, for the most part, goes right back into the community. Local business owners tend to  employ local residents, purchase locally produced products and inventory, and give back directly to the  community.  

“Shop Small Business Saturday is an instrumental day that really promotes our local businesses. Our  small businesses are part of the backbone of our communities. The support that they provide through  paying their taxes and their donations help our schools, our ball teams, our Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts,  and many families in the community.” Stated Sue Fowler, Antwerp Chamber Event Organizer.  

In the end, everyone wins!

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Paulding Area Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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