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The Paulding Area Chamber of Commerce is more than a hub for business—it's a driving force for community well-being. It champions projects that elevate quality of life, recognizing that true prosperity encompasses more than economic metrics.

From parks and cultural events to education and sustainability initiatives, the Chamber's involvement touches every aspect of community life. By promoting recreation, celebrating diversity, investing in education, and advocating for environmental stewardship, it creates a vibrant, resilient community where residents thrive.

The Chamber's commitment to enhancing quality of life is essential for fostering a flourishing, inclusive community for generations to come. We hope that you share this belief and choose to get involved with one of the local initiatives happening right here in Paulding County.

P.O. Box 237, Paulding, OH 45879

Paulding Area Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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